Main Topics of Conference

Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to the following areas:

  1. Electromagnetic Fields: Computation, Measurement
  2. Transients and EMC: Lightning, Switching, Repetitive Transients
  3. High Voltage Measurement Techniques and Instrumentation
  4. High Voltage Insulation System: Air, Gas, Vacuum Dielectrics
  5. High Voltage Insulation System: Liquid, Solid Dielectrics
  6. Outdoor Insulation: Insulator, Environmental Effects
  7. High Voltage Cable Insulation
  8. Insulation of High Voltage Transformer and Machine
  9. Grounding Systems
  10. High Voltage Insulation for UHV AC and DC System
  11. High Electrical Stress Insulation System for Electronic Devices
  12. New Insulation Materials
  13. Aging, Space Charge, and Industrial Applications
  14. High Voltage Apparatus: Reliability and Maintenance
  15. Online Condition Monitoring, Fault Diagnosis
  16. New Features and Special Interests in High Voltage Engineering
  17. High Voltage Applications in Smart Grid
  18. High Voltage Engineering Education